Almost Tame

Two cheeky, talking lions and their stilt walking lion tamer get into mischief.

Almost Tame is a spectacular comedic trio of roving performers who engage audiences with their riotous fun. Each member of this team is an experienced physical performer and comedy improviser, with stage and corporate experience. People flock for photos and stay for the laughs.

The Act: When they are not drawing the 7ft chariot, these gorgeous lions ‘Lionel’ and ‘Ritchie’, busily explore the area, rubbing against legs, tickling people with their tails and encouraging people to help groom them with their tongues. They claw trees,  get chased by children and even engage in academic conversation. Lionel and Ritchie have abundant energy – which makes for a very frustrated lion tamer!

Lion Tamer Finnius spends the entire time cracking his whip, chasing after his lions and trying to get them to behave. Occasionally Lionel and Ritchie may follow Finnius’ commands, particularly when instructed to “Dance” which seems to soothe these cosmopolitan lions.

Perfect for festivals, parades and children’s events this is a highly interactive, comedic act that engages all ages.

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