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You hear the sharp cracking of a whip and there’s a buzz of excitement as a giant sized chariot rolls through the audience drawn by two cheeky lions. Stilt walking lion tamer Finnius is at the helm, challenging you to join the circus. You find yourself caught up in the act, surrounded by a chorus of roaring children. Whether trying to train a lion or finding yourself drawing the chariot, you are simultaneously in touch with your wild side and have become Almost Tame!


Reasons To Book These Stilt Walkers

  • Almost Tame is one of the most engaging roving acts in Australia.
  • The performers of Almost Tame have extensive experience as stage comics and improvisors, and connect with all ages in a meaningful manner.
  • Almost Tame visually engage people with their commanding look and physicality.


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Act Biography

Based in Melbourne, this entertaining animal themed act has performed all over Australia including Woodford Folk Festival, Whyalla Show, Festivale Launceston, Albury Children’s Picnic and Rockhampton Show. Almost Tame are available as a comical duo or trio; made up of a stilt walking lion tamer and his walking, talking, cosmopolitan lions. Almost Tame are available with an optional giant sized chariot that Lion Tamer Finnius “rides” in. Join Finnius and his two lions, Lionel and Ritchie, for highly engaging roving entertainment.





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“Thank you for your amazing efforts at our 44th Show. You continue to amaze us all. You are very talented people, of that there is no doubt. The looks of joy and smiles were evident whenever you appeared. Thank you for providing such a professional service and fantastic spectacle to the people of Whyalla”

Michelle Head, Whyalla Show Society, 2014

“We absolutely loved having Almost Tame perform at our event and you were easily the star attractions! I can’t stress enough just how awesome you guys were and how well you fit in with everything. You did such a great job!”

Rachel Hanna, Enjoy Church ‘Big Top Event’, 2013

“Clever, funny, interactive and engaging entertainment for all ages – kids and adults loved Almost Tame. A delight to work with – approachable, flexible and very professional. We have no hesitation in recommending them to any venue, council or event organiser”

Camille Sunshine, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, 2011

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