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Giant Aussies Description

Wandering through an event you suddenly notice the crowd making way for two massive stilt walkers wearing giant Australian flags. These stilt performers are so big that you are transfixed. The Giant Aussies are clearly comfortable in crowds, using their giant bellies to squash people as they pass, to the delight of friends and loved ones.

Reasons To Book These Stilt Walkers

  • The Giant Aussies are the most unique Australian themed stilt act ever!
  • The Giant Aussies deliver energetic and fun performances.
  • The event entertainers who perform this stilt act have extensive experience in comedy and audience interaction.


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Giant Aussies Biography

Based for years in Melbourne and recently through our sister company Icarus Performance Troupe in Sydney, the Giant Aussies have performed throughout Victoria extensively at various festivals and shopping centres, including at the City of Melbourne’s Australia Day Parade (2007 – 2016), Altona Beach Festival, and Mornington Festival. Sydney has a duo of Giant Aussies and Melbourne has up to a quartet available for sporting events.

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