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These entertainers do particularly well in a festival environment.

Love the festivals? So do the entertainers listed below.

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The Stilt Police

These boys in blue will tickle you pink as they roam around the festival. People love to give these police cheek!

Electra AndroidElectra Android Melbourne and Victoria Stilt walker

Prepare to be dazzled by Electra Android; a glittering, towering stilt robot at 4 metres in height! Electra is an elegant, silver spectacle who explores events with her Inventor.

Children adore Electra and beg to use her remote control!

Electra Android is one of the best stilt walking acts in Melbourne. She is perfect event entertainment for science, technology, future and science fiction themed events.

A Robot everyone will remember.
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Reasons To Book This Stilt Walker
  • Electra Android is a towering 4 metre tall stilt spectacle!
  • Electra Android is just complicated enough to have some people believe she is a real robot!
  • Electra Android is a unique stilt performance.
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Almost Tame

Two cheeky lions who get in to mischief and one stilt walking lion tamer who cannot control them. Lion tamer's giant sized chariot optional.

Dream Bear

Colourful and festive in the daytime, at night when this act illuminates it will blow you away!

The Water Drops

With bubble machines built in to their costumes, clouds of bubbles surround the Water Drops wherever they go, but it's their giant sized bubbles that elicit even more excitement!

Eesha Elephant

Often mistaken for a real elephant, it's stunning to see Eesha Elephant exploring the event.

The Ice King & QueenMelbourne and Victoria ice king and queen stilt walkers

The Ice King and Queen are the most sophisticated ice themed stilt walkers in Melbourne. Their costumes are breath-taking.

The Ice King and Queen are perfect entertainment for food and wine themed events, winter wonderlands and for bringing a touch of the North Pole to our Australian Christmas.

Available as a solo or duo.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • The Ice King & Queen perfectly reflect winter and fantasy themes.
  • The Ice King and Queen costume are of an exceptional standard and that reflects on any event they work at.
  • The Co-Directors of Stilt Walkers Australia commissioned these costumes to be as magnificent as possible so they could get married in them!
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