Roving Entertainment

When your a roving entertainer the world is your stage.

Stilt walkers provide a commanding and exciting presence that have the crowd reaching for their cameras.

Select the roving act below for more detailed images, descriptions and videos.

Eesha Elephant (Melbourne)

Audiences will be stunned to see this life like elephant, Eesha, wandering through your event.

Gemma Giraffe and Ranger (Melbourne)

This 5 meter beauty is the same height as a real adult giraffe. She glides gracefully through the world with her comical Ranger.

The Stilt Police (Melbourne)

The most fun you can have with the police without getting arrested, highly engaging with all ages.

Not So Little Bo Peeps (Melbourne)

Our beautiful, lanky Bo Peeps roam around herding people!

The Water Drops (Melbourne)

Fantasical and fun the Water Drops put the magic back into bubbles.

Dream Bear (Melbourne)

Colourful in the sunlight and spectacularly iridescent at night.

Roo’d (Sydney)

Kangaroos like you have never seen before. People love these cheeky kangaroos!

Bubble Man or Girl (Brisbane)

Riding his bubble-mobile with his special bubble sword, he creates giant bubbles that no one can resist trying to pop.

Stilt Waiters (Brisbane)

A  simple and elegant way of making a big impression on guests.

Almost Tame (Melbourne)

A whip cracking, stilt walking lion tamer tries desperately to control two cheeky, talking, cosmopolitan lions!

Giant Garden Gnomes (Melbourne)

These cheeky Giant Gnomes are ore than a garden ornament in every way.

The Long Stems (Melbourne)

The chatty and spectacular Long Stems are perfect for festivals because they are true wild flowers.

Jolly Giants (Melbourne)

The most massive stilt walkers you’ll ever see, these comical characters are the next big thing!

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