Animal Themed Stilt walkers

From the call of the wild to fantasy play.

These Animal themed stilt walking Entertainers are amazing!
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Eesha Elephant

Life like and massive, like a real elephant! Available as circus or zoo themed, Eesha Elephant brings the exotic to your event.

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The Dream Bear

For a bright and festive look this act is particularly breath taking at night when the Dream Bear illuminates to give an iridescent glow.

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Animal themed stilt walkersThe Giant Bunnies

Easter Bunnies don't get any bigger or better than this! The perfect roving performers for your Easter entertainment or any event that requires a rabbit.

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Gemma Giraffe

At 4.6 meters you can stand beneath Gemma for a photo, or line up to have her walk over the top of you while you are tickled by her tail.

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Almost TameAlmost Tame animal themed stilt walkers

You hear the sharp cracking of a whip and there's a buzz of excitement as a giant sized chariot rolls through the audience drawn by two cheeky lions.

Stilt walking lion tamer Finnius is challenging you to join the circus.

Get in touch with your wild side and become Almost Tame!

Available with a giant chariot that functions as a travelling stage for their performance.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • Almost Tame is one of the most engaging roving acts in Australia.
  • The performers of Almost Tame have extensive experience as stage comics and actors they connect easily  with all ages.
  • Almost Tame can bring their giant chariot which gives them a moving stage that few roving performers can match.
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ROO'D Kangaroos

These jumping Kangaroos are unique, fantastic and fun.

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Giant Teddy Bears

These funny teddy bears love a good picnic and they'll make sure your event is fabulous. Perfect for family events.

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Animal themed stilt walkers