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Not So Little Bo Peeps

Towering blonde beauties who are a splendid vision in white. The Not So Little Bo Peeps are on the look out for anyone wild and woolly or on the lamb! These fabulous ladies weave their way through a crowd and round up a group of people into an audience.
Available as a solo, duo or trio of living nursery rhyme.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • The Not So Little Bo Peeps make a strong visual impact with sophisticated, custom designed costumes and synchronised performer movements.
  • Great event entertainers for fairy tale or winter events and functions themed to the colours black and white.
  • All the Bo Peep stilt entertainers are amazing stilt performers and have extensive backgrounds in comedy improvisation, we meaningfully engage with all ages.
Images and full act description of Not So Little Bo Peeps

Stilt Scarecrows

The Stilt Scarecrows are on the move and they love to make their way through an event meeting people. These lovable scarecrows will endear you with their comical interaction, if they only had a brain!

Cheeky and a whole lot of fun, the Stilt Scarecrows are event entertainers who engage all ages.

Available as a solo or duo of 2.7 meter tall scarecrows.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • The Stilt Scarecrows are perfect for Harvest Festivals and Food and Wined themed events.
  • The Stilt Scarecrows are comically engaging event entertainers.
  • All of our performers are great stilt artists and have extensive performance experience in audience improvisation; we engage all ages meaningfully.
Images & full act description for the Stilt Scarecrows

Giant Garden Gnomes

For too long gnomes have been the wallflowers of garden events but the Giant Garden Gnomes are ready to meet, greet and mingle! The Giant Gnomes love to pose for photos and squash people between their giant bellies.
The Garden Gnomes appeal to all ages. Available as a solo or duo.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • These are the biggest, most interactive Garden Gnomes in the country!
  • Highly engaging, the Giant Gnomes are the most comical and playful garden themed event entertainers.
Images & full act description of the Giant Garden Gnomes

Water Drops

Two majestic water creatures shimmer and gleam, and bring a touch of the exotic to your event. The Water Drops are stilt event entertainers whose costumes emit hundreds of bubbles wherever they go. It is even more captivating when the Water Drops use specialist equipment to make giant sized bubbles. Children are overcome with excitement at the opportunity to pop a giant bubble. The atmosphere and beauty of this act is spell-binding.
A top of the range bubble making act, available as a solo or duo
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • On more than one occasion people have told us that the beauty of the act was so moving that it brought tears to their eyes!
  • The Water Drops captivate the attention from near and far with the masses of bubbles they create.
  • The Water Drops produce giant sized bubbles up to a metre in diameter and when it comes to popping them, all ages find it irresistible!
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Giant Teddy Bears

Two Giant Teddy Bears that will draw people in for a bear hug and engulf them in their furriness. Gentle with small children and cheeky with the big kids, the Giant Teddy Bears are unique and playful event entertainment.
The perfect act for a teddy bear's picnic.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • These stilt entertainers are the biggest teddy bears in Australia!
  • The Giant Teddy Bears are highly engaging event entertainers with infectious energy and humour.
  • The Giant Teddy Bears combine the spectacle of a sophisticated stilt costume with high level verbal engagement by trained comedy improvisers.
Images and full act description for the Giant Teddy Bears

Dream Bear

You will find yourself enchanted by the coming spectacle! A giant colourful, illuminating bear! Walking beside a stilt walker in a stunning costume. The Dream Bear enjoys a lot of attention and his colours and energy takes you to a world where anything is possible.
Available with either 'Not so little Bo Peep' or 'Circus Ring Master.'
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers
  •  The Dream Bear illuminates to give off a stunning, iridescent glow at night.
  • The size and design of the Dream Bear makes it one of the best illuminating event entertainers.
  • The dream bear is a unique act which will give any event a unique feel.
Images & full act description of the Dream Bear

Eesha Elephant 

Find yourself face to face with a magnificent elephant! The magical creature is so breathtakingly life like that you wonder for a second if she is real. The elephant is accompanied by a stilt walker Zoo Keeper, who introduces Eesha Elephant to the audience and encourages people to come close and meet  her.
A realistic elephant with either a zoo keeper or circus ring master.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers
  • Experience the magic of having an amazingly life like elephant roam wander around your event.
  • Eesha Elephant is the size of an Asian Forest Elephant.
  • Eesha Elephant is so realistic that past clients have received written complaints for having a real elephant as their event entertainers!
Images & full act description of Eesha elephant

Gemma Giraffe

Gemma Giraffe is the height of a real giraffe and creates the magic of meeting an exotic animal. She moves gracefully through an event drawing the attention of those near and far. Children adore her and adults are mesmerised by her. People love an opportunity to experience a giraffe as they never could in the real world. Gemma Giraffe can walk right over people and regularly does.
Gemma is 5m Tall and is the tallest stilt character in Australia.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers
  • Gemma Giraffe is the tallest stilt spectacle available, even too tall for some events!
  • Gemma Giraffe and her engaging Ranger provide a close up experience with a giraffe that you could otherwise never experience.
  • The Ranger character is played by event entertainers who have extensive backgrounds in stage comedy and improvisation
  • Our Ranger characters have a wealth of information about giraffes that will make meeting Gemma giraffe an eductional experience.
Images & full act description of Gemma Giraffe

The Ice King & QueenMelbourne and Victoria ice king and queen stilt walkers

The Ice King and Queen are the most sophisticated ice themed stilt walkers in Melbourne. Their costumes are breath-taking.

The Ice King and Queen are perfect entertainment for food and wine themed events, winter wonderlands and for bringing a touch of the North Pole to our Australian Christmas.

Available as a solo or duo.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • The Ice King & Queen perfectly reflect winter and fantasy themes.
  • The Ice King and Queen costume are of an exceptional standard and that reflects on any event they work at.
  • The Co-Directors of Stilt Walkers Australia commissioned these costumes to be as magnificent as possible so they could get married in them!
Images & full act description for the Ice King & Queen

The Long Stems

In full bloom and regalia, the Long Stems are spectacularly enchanting. The Long Stems stilt flowers are dramatic, remarkable event entertainers. They are wild flowers at heart and will captivate audiences with their playful encounters.
Available as a solo, duo or trio of stunning flowers.
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Reasons To Book These Stilt Walkers
  • The Long Stems are the most magnificent stilt flower performers that you will ever see!
  • Breathtakingly beautiful the Long Stems costumes span a width of 3 metres and draw people’s attention over a large distance.
Images & full act description for the Long Stems

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