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Acts that will make your event a reason to want to go to work.

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Esha elephant stilt walker entertainerEesha Elephant

Eesha Elephant is utterly magnificent and at the peak of costume construction world wide. Her look and movements are magically life like and people find it unbelievable to have Eesha Elephant wander through their event.

Eesha Elephant is experienced with and perfect for corporate entertainment. A truly unique act that has travelled extensively in Australia and abroad. Being a truly unique act gives people the sensation of being somewhere special

Available with the Zoo keeper, Circus Show Girl or Traditional Indian/Bollywood costume.
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Reasons To Book This Entertainer
  • Eesha Elephant is the closest thing you can get to having a real elephant at your event!
  • Eesha Elephant makes an event memorable, people will be discussing her well in to the future.
  • Eesha Elephant is one of the most unique stilt performances you can find in Melbourne and the world.
Images & full act description of Eesha elephant

The Long StemsLong Stems corporate entertainers

The spectacular Long Stems are perfect for event where flowers fit the theme.

Their striking appearance and welcoming performance style will have people lining up to take pictures.

If you want people to share photos of themselves at your event then this is the act to do it.

Stilt walkers Melbourne and Victoria funky love squadFunky Love Squad

Prepare yourself for the biggest shoes in Australia. Striding atop 60 cm platform shoes, the Funky Love Squad will infect any event with disco fever.

They put the groove back in to groovy! These entertainers will bring a party atmosphere to any event. They 'break the ice' and get people ready to have fun.

Available as a solo or duo.
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Reasons To Book These Stilt Walkers
  • The Funky Love Squad are perfect for vintage and music themed events.
  • These stilt walkers are fun, playful and are literally the life of any party.
  • The Funky Love Squad make it feel safe and inviting to enjoy yourself at a corporate event.
Images & full act description for Funky Love Squad

GIANT CHEFSGiant Chefs stilt walkers corporate entertainers

These performers are always the flavour of the month! If food is part of you event then these guys will fit right in.

The Giant Chefs attract attention from near and far, and are highly photogenic and extremely funny.

Available as a solo or duo.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • The Giant Chefs are an energetic act; fun and playful.
  • They attract a lot of photos and a great if you want the audience to share images of themselves at your event.
  • These stilt walkers are the perfect event entertainers for any food themed event.
Images and full act description of Giant Chefs

Stilt WaitersCorporate entertainers baloon waiters

Serving small treats suspended from eye catching helium balloons.
Simple, elegant and a very special way of making an impression on guests.

The Stilt PoliceStilt Police stilt walkers corporate entertainmet

The Stilt Police - because no one is above the law! A comedy hierarchy of stilt walkers this act works well anywhere but was designed to work in a corporate environment.

These officers are thoroughly engaging entertainers and are masters of playing in and with an audience.

Available as a solo, duo but works best as a trio.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers
  • The Stilt Police are one of the most comically engaging acts able to work with any crowd.
  • The Stilt Police are great corporate entertainment, playfully exploring the event looking for the biggest trouble maker!
Images & full act description for the Stilt Police

The Dream BearStilt walkers Melbourne and Victoria The dream bear

Awe-inspiring in size and colour, the Dream Bear is one of the most popular stilt walker acts in Melbourne.

The Dream Bear illuminates at night to emit a iridescent glow. People are drawn to his imposing size and often request many photos.

Dreamy's cheeky personality is apparent as he wanders around, dancing and sometimes hiding behind the stilt character who accompanies him.

Available with Not So Little Bo Peep or A Circus Ring Master
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Reasons To Book These Stilt Walkers
  • This colourful stilt walker act is massive, with the Dream Bear spanning 3.2 metres in length and 2 metres in height.
  • The Dream Bear illuminates spectacularly to have UV colours under florescent lights.
  • The Dream Bear is perfect for fantasy themed events, winter wonderlands, corporate and children's events.
Images & full act description for the Dream Bear

stilt walkers Melbourne and Victoria Ring MastersThe Ring Masters

Fabulous and glamorous the Circus Ring Masters make your event the greatest show on earth!

The Ring Masters are fantastic at working a crowd. Full of energy and fun, their verbal engagement takes bravado to its linguistic limit! Bring the spirit of the Big Top to your event.

Available as a solo, duo or in conjunction with Almost Tame.
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Reasons To Book These Stilt Walkers
  • The Circus Ringleaders are highly verbal and engaging stilt walkers.
  • The perfect circus themed entertainment.
Images & full act description for the Ring Maste

The Ice King & QueenMelbourne and Victoria ice king and queen stilt walkers

The Ice King and Queen are the most sophisticated ice themed stilt walkers in Melbourne. Their costumes are breath-taking.

The Ice King and Queen are perfect entertainment for food and wine themed events, winter wonderlands and for bringing a touch of the North Pole to our Australian Christmas.

Available as a solo or duo.
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Reasons To Book These Entertainers / Stilt Walkers
  • The Ice King & Queen perfectly reflect winter and fantasy themes.
  • The Ice King and Queen costume are of an exceptional standard and that reflects on any event they work at.
  • The Co-Directors of Stilt Walkers Australia commissioned these costumes to be as magnificent as possible so they could get married in them!
Images & full act description for the Ice King & Queen

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